After my first day, I have explored and identified many different problem area’s. I did this by brainstorming using post it’s with several other people in my class. We wrote down all the differnt problem area’s we had identified and stuck them on a table in a structured way which was clear to read and allow other people to see each problem.

I will now select a problem that I want to explore further in detail from the brainstorm above.

I will begin the process of brainstorming again looking at all the problems from my selected issue, identifying all possible sub-problems within this major global issue.

I will further enhance my brainstorm and research by using methods outlines by the FORTH method according to Gijs van Wulfen the author of the book “creating innovative products and services”.
These methods will help further explore my found problems and jump start my design process.


The Begining

 This is my first post on my blog, which I will use to document my process of design through my new project stating “Design For Sustainable Innovation”.

The main goal is to find a real world problem and to use all of our skills, creativity, resources to solves this, but also to show our willingness to engage in your skill set but to see how far you will push yourself.

Will you go beyond your comfort zone or stay to what you know and not push the boundaries?

I will begin this process by identifying a problem locally or globally and try to tackle this in a sustainable and completly original way.