I have wrote down all the differnt problem areas that where brought to light from the brainstorming session yesterday with the assistance of members from my class. There where a total of 51 main problem areas identified throught this brain storm.

I listed and underlined all these on an a4 sheet in random order to begin a list for gathering data. The purpose of this was, I went around the people in my class and asked them to select 5 areas they felt where the key main real world problems out of the 51. This would narrow my options down by using other peoples thought and opinions on the conditions in the world and of the world that need addressing. This is a basic form of research but very narrow minded. However for the sake of just narrowing down a field to research this is perfectly satisfactory.After asking the members of my class I concluded this basic research with 5 potential areas for further analysis and a radom selection of one subject by myself to have 6 choices.

These where:

  • Clean Water
  • Money
  • Global Warming
  • Global Economy
  • Education
  • Disaster Areas

    Original a4 page with 51 differnt design problem areas.

    6 main ideas with Education as the main chosen idea,which will now be my topic for further research and the field I will look into.

This process was mainly for finding an area to work in by using the knowledge and uderstanding that each person has personally. I have essentially taken the opinions from my fellow students and used their personal experience and opinions in finding an adaquete field for study.

This minor part of research is very useful for getting thought the stages as each logical step leads on to the next and by a process of elimination solves my problem of identifying a real world problem.

Essentially i have used my fellow students in getting thought the fuzz front end of research and getting to a viable point where my actual research into my found problem can begin.


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