Toady’s been a day of research so far into Education and looking at all different aspects of within education. This broke all 3 levels of the education system in Ireland down in to sub categories.

This is a simple subsection of the Irish education System with some of my personal notes beside each of the points.
After looking at the education system I decided to look at primary level. This decision was a personal one from a previous experience I had from the year before. I had a meeting with a primary school teacher and class and found an internal problem within the educational programme.
When I visited my local school I met a student with ADHD and Asperger syndrome in the same class. This was linked to research I was doing for a previous project but it brought to light some interesting research for me. Usually these two students didnt interact with the class and have difficulty expressing themselves. However when we gave them a physical game which was directly linked with education these two students really came out of their shell and became an intricate part of the class. This was a real insight for me when it was brought to my attention that usually these students where left behind and not really included by the other students.
So this made me think if I could make something in the education system that combines the class as a whole and doesnt exclude such students but makes them possibly the main part of the class would be a really nice achievement. This combats the problem that these students tend not to interact with other and or converse so this will expose them to this in a fun interactive way which doesnt make them feel as if they are getting specific treatment but really appreciated as part of the group. Hidden learning for the whole class bringing all fa sits of the class together in a way that excludes no one.

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