So its been a few days now since I last posted about the project. So the project has gained momentum and I have identified the focus of my project on a education toy for children with learning difficulties in mainstream education. The main difficulty I am looking to focus on is the category of autism and autistic children. There is a lot of information regarding autism and autistic children but i want to address this information in a way that may be able to change or help in the development of these people.

On Friday I have a meeting with special needs teachers in my local school and another school close by. This will allow me to get real insight in to the class room education these students get and problems they may face in mainstream education. As these teachers see the child progress through the education system they may be able to give me some information, which I can develop in to a specific field of this problem. Autism as a whole is a broad array of different disorders under one heading so it will be imposable to solve all these in one solution. However if i can create something that focuses on a specific area of this and makes for a better life and education for the child this will be a start in a long process to address this issue.

The beginning of the research has begun which has given me the basis and insight but on a very limited level. Now with the interviews i hope i will gain the vital information to take my research and knowledge in a new direction and throw up some interesting facts i have not come across in my preliminary research from books, articles and studies.

I said a toy but after these meetings the project may take a different direction so lets hope it all goes well and it can benefit all parties involved, me the teacher and most importantly the CHILD!!!!


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