Research 101

My research has taken a huge step forward throught my analysis and meetings with teachers and special needs teachers along with all the information I have recieved from various different organisations such as Autism Ireland. I have also backed it up with different documentories which, I found on youtube and through navagating around the internet.

Autistic children are treated different to most other children on a daily basis and this is primarily because they are different but NOT in the way of being a child with a learning difficulty because that is a mis-conception. Not all autistic children have learning difficulties or are disconnected from learning, they may seem tuned out or not interested but they are actually taking everything in. They are interested in what you have to say and trying to remember that instead of being distracted by writing or taking things down.

There are many thing to be considered and looked at and i have come across many re-occuring problems within this sector, which have thrown up and interesting insight and hopefull will allow for multiply ideas in my concept generation.

Now I will begine to write a brief Research report With all the relevant information needed for reflection and to look upon.;


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