well on to the last week of final design and have to get ready to hand everything up! well this isn’t daunting at all. No but it is really but I think its finally looking well. In all fairness though there is still a lot of room for further development but you can only do what is possible within a certain time frame.ImageImageImage


Think it looks well, took awhile for assembly and finishing but I am happy.


Roll on friday!



Honest Logo’s

I actually love this, viktor hertz these did an awsome job on these logos, WOW such a good laugh reading throught this


Dyson’s Mysterious Garden Fountain

Dyson never cease to AMAZE!!! I have to post this seriously like come on, This is some simple but funky design. If I hadn’t got to see the drawing to explain how this design works I would still be left to twiddle my fingers and try work this one out. Everything dyson do is just done in a different way of thinking and they put the possible in imPOSSIBLE. I just love their designs. 


Simplicity Is the Key and This proves it

Simplicity Is the Key and This proves it. The EckBank Ost- Outdoor modular seating design is just amazing and proves that the simplest designs are the most effective. This is a really interesting and eye catching design that could be adapted to any environment it finds itself in! Just thought this was worthy of posting up and displaying it on another site.I have to say I really like and appreciate this design I just cant stop looking and analyzing it. ONe of my best deign finds to date just a great piece of design overall. WOW!!!!!




Just Moved From Blogger

Just moved myself over from blogger and all I can say is Wordpress is a lot more impressive with a lot more to offer. So Il be blogging about my college project most of which I have uploaded. As iv moved to Wordpress in the last 2 weeks of my project you will have access to the more final parts fo my project as I leave  Blogger behind.So lets get this show on the road and il blog to you guys tomorrow and fully get to work on styling my blog.

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