About shanerooney

Hello, My name is Shane Rooney. I am a student at the Institute of Technology Carlow studying Product Design Innovation.I am currently in my third year of my study here and have just returned home from an erasmus study period in Windesheim University of applied science's, Zwolle, The Netherlands.I am a self driven 20 year old, who love's a challenge and likes to be tested.I have a thirst for learning and always look to apply this new knowledge in what I do in design.



This is the new concept car from a chinese designer and I have to say this is classy. There is just something sleak and interesting about this so i had to share this.


Summer Time

So im finished college for the summer now for over a month! Now im working for a company called Schuh working in Blanchardstown shopping centre………….Need some money………….but its a great place to work and I have learned a lot during my time there from shop floor design to the layout of displays etc. Its the type of place that makes you appreciate a good environment to work in.

I am also looking for some design work to do on the side and its going good seeming I have gotten some responses back 




Collaboration of Work

I thought I may aswel post some of my work together than actually posting it all Individually so enjoy the picture’s.


A futuristic Aerodynamic transport mobile.


“Sharp” The Modular Outdoor bench. Made of stainless steel and stainless steel rod its perfect for all sizes of benches and resting area’s.Image

“Skeleton” The Open bin maid from brushed stainless steel, Attachable to “Sharp” The modular bench above.


Sketch of a wine glass on heavily grained paper with pencil’s


A prototype for a automatic blind system. The flat piece’s simulate the slat’s in the blind. The main problem solved here is when the sun shines on the tv and makes it un-viewable the automatic blind will address this by analyzing the intensity of light through the sensor’s seen below. It then makes an adjustment to close the blinds adequately without you ever having to move.The sensors rotate 0-180degrees ImageImageImageImage


They take in the lumen readings and send the information to the micro-controller that makes the final reading and sends the appropriate output.


This is a sketch and a digital sketch of a conceptual vacuum cleaner that I made while on erasmus in the Netherland’s.


A poster designed for Cul Camps Carlow and Carlow Gaa, for the summer camps for children to learn and improve there knowledge and skill’s in both Gaelic football and Hurling.


And another!



Sketch Designs of Male and Female perfume bottle’s! Guess which is for Men and Which is for Women?


Foam Model’s of the perfume bottle’s


Some basic photography, Dont know why they both seem to have a them of alcohol?


Well I will leave you with these for now, il see what else I can share at a later time.


well on to the last week of final design and have to get ready to hand everything up! well this isn’t daunting at all. No but it is really but I think its finally looking well. In all fairness though there is still a lot of room for further development but you can only do what is possible within a certain time frame.ImageImageImage


Think it looks well, took awhile for assembly and finishing but I am happy.


Roll on friday!